Paradigm “A comprehensive Schools’ Services Solution”

Paradigm is your ideal School Management Innovation!
  • “Paradigm™” is an Online Web-based Integrated School Management System that consists mainly of three integrated application layers.
  • “Paradigm™” helps schools to manage their day-to-day operations, and to establish a robust and solid business process platform for smooth workflow, operations, and streamlined management.
  • “Paradigm™” is a featured-rich system that...
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Digital Dynamics “The Pioneers in Software’s Innovation”

Digital Dynamics was established in 2009. It's a computer software house located in United Arab Emirates, has a recognized track in implementing online services in the GCC & Middle East. Focusing on the development of efficient & cost-effective solutions for clients who are interested in having web enabled applications & dynamic solutions.   Established in 2009 as...
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