Administration XXX

Customer Relation Management give you the ability to track requests from staff, parents or students based on priority.

  • Maintain complete inventory of the school.
  • Managing a store category, store item, and suppliers.
  • Managing a purchase and sales orders.
  • Managing a books and uniforms distribution.
  • Generating detailed reports.



It is a fully customized marks' reporting engine, which covers any statistics or reports requested by the schools' evaluations process, which includes the following categories:

  • Progress
  • Attainment
  • Comparison
  • Average Mark
  • Student

The registration system, which is essentially to facilitate the student’s registration by allowing them to make (Fast Registration), and other related operations such as view students, search for students and so on. The content will also contain tasks that allowing you to determine and manage students move, and apply changes for the registration using (Registration Setting). In addition, it contain a Reports related to students and parents and statistical l reports.